Chubb SafesSmith & Co Locksmiths supply and install a wide range of safes including:

  • security safes
  • gun safes
  • pistol safes
  • key safes
  • drug cabinets
  • home safes
  • personal safes
  • money safes
  • deposit safes

We distribute brands such as Chubb Safes. B-Safe and Yale. Safes can be fitted in various locations such as wall or floor safes.

Safes are normally constructed from steel and concrete and can offer protection from burglary, fire and the environment.

Safes come with a variety of locks including:

  • digital locks
  • key operated locks
  • traditional spinning wheel combination locks
  • safes sold and serviced.

Safes, or strongboxes, have come a long way since 1835, when Charles and Jeremiah Chubb took out their first patent for a burglar-resisting safe. These days the basic
requirements remain the same. When our customers require protection beyond simply securing their home or business premises Smith & Co Locksmiths can offer advice, service and solutions.

When the necessity to further protect theft or damage of valuable possessions and documents is required, Smith & Co can provide a solution via our range of commercial and residential safes.

At Smith & Co Locksmiths we stock, install, service and maintain a range of safes from some of the world's leading manufacturers. We can provide secure storage safes that are burglar-resistant, fire-resistant and resistant to environmental factors such as water and dust. Stand alone, wall or floor mounted safes are typical options. Locking mechanisims include combination, keyless, keyed and timed locks with electronic or mechanical operation.

At Smith & Co Locksmiths we are specialists in our field. Your safety and security are important to us. It's our job to survey, analyse, recommend and implement appropriate products and procedures to protect people, property and possessions.