Key Management

Key ManagementKey Management

Key management is an important part of protecting your investment in a keying system. Smith & Co Locksmiths have a number of key management systems we offer to keep track of your keys. The options range from a simple lockable cabinet on the wall, a software package that allows you to book out keys to people or a sophisticated Keywatcher cabinet that will keep an audit trail of where all your sets of keys are located.

Smith & Co Locksmiths welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can combine software and hardware to build a key management solution tailored to your specific requirements.

What is a Key System

Key systems can take many forms and functions, from a simple keyed alike key system where all household locks can be operated by just 1 or 2 keys to elaborate electro-mechanical security key systems where multiple levels of access may exist. These include time zones, dual access function and audit trail capabilities.

Keyed Alike

A keyed alike key system is one where all locks operate using the same key. A common example often requested is for the one key to access your households screen door, main door lockset, deadlocks and all other door locks in the house plus including the padlocks to the side gate and shed. Another common example is for all window locks to be operated with a single key irrespective of the style of window.

Master Keyed

A master keyed system can take a number of different forms. Predominantly a master key in a system can open a series of
locks which have their own individual keys. Master Key systems are hierarchical and restrict the access people have to areas of a building. This can extend to many levels.

An example of this would be an office building tennanted by a company with a number of individually occupied offices. Each of these offices can have its own key which only accesses their respective office. The master key would then have access to all of these offices and generally be held by the head of the company, security and/or the cleaner. This design could be expanded to a multi level building where a grand master key provides access to all doors and a level master key is created for each level which only accesses doors on its respective level.

Master Keyed systems come in the following formats:

  • Grand Master Key: Access to all locks, all departments, all sites
  • Master Key: Access throughout a single building/department
  • Keyed to Differ: Key Access to individual offices

Smith & Co Locksmiths are specialists in Master Key systems. We follow strict guidelines to ensure your keying system is not compromised by verifying that the authority criteria has been met prior to any keys being issued.