Maximise Security With Restricted Keys in Bathurst

Know Exactly Who Has Keys

Are you looking for a more secure manual locking mechanism for your commercial premises? Need to really know who has a copy of your keys? Unfortunately, keys for traditional ‘inline pin cylinder’ locks are easily copied anywhere and by anyone. These are the most common form of locks in Australia—and whilst they offer protection and deterrence—sometimes you need to have a little more control over who has access.

Yes, you could spend out on more costly mechanisms such as digital access control systems, but there is a middle ground—restricted keys! Similar to a traditional lock and key, the difference is that you choose exactly who can have a copy cut.

Located in Bathurst, we create restricted keys for customers throughout the Central Tablelands and Central West —including Lithgow, Orange, Cowra and Mudgee.

locksmith key access

Greater Security than Traditional Locks

Restricted key systems are highly secure for the following reasons. Firstly, only the signatory can have a new key cut. Each system has an individual identity, meaning if we supply you with the system, we’re the only locksmith in the world who can cut new keys for you. To create duplicates, you, the authorised signatory, must give permission first. Whoever we provide the keys to—if not you—will need a letter signed by an approved signatory on our system.

Secondly, the patented key system is only available to approved agents. The keyways—AKA the locking mechanism—associated with restricted key systems is different to typical mechanisms, ensuring they’re harder to pick by would-be intruders.

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